What is the most common type of accident?

The most common type of passenger vehicle collision is frontal impact, followed by rear impact. While the details of each car accident are unique, there are a handful of common types of accidents, many of which can cause injury to passengers and those behind the wheel. The most common type includes head-on collisions, side-impact collisions, side-slip crashes, and more. The most common types occur because drivers exceed the speed limit, don't pay attention, or generally don't follow traffic rules.

Home The 5 most common types of car crashes. No matter what type of car accident you're in, all car accident victims are susceptible to serious injury. Even so, any type of car accident can cause serious damage to your vehicle and cause lasting, life-changing injuries. These three types of crashes accounted for 55% of deaths and 56% of fatal accidents, but only 25% or less of injuries, crashes with injuries, or all crashes.

While motor vehicle collisions accounted for less than half of motor vehicle fatalities, motor vehicle crashes accounted for 77% of injuries, 71% of crashes with injuries, and 72% of all incidents. The interactive graph also shows the estimated number of deaths, injuries, fatal crashes, crashes with injuries, and all crashes for various types of motor vehicle crashes.

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